So many things, too many things
    Too little time

I could just forget about it
    No one needs this

Someone else could do this better and probably will
    This has probably already been done anyways

This doesn’t matter
    I don’t matter

Why bother anyways
    Why waste my time

I’ll regret doing this
    I have other things to do

I’ll never finish
    This will not end well

I’m not good enough
    Today isn’t the day

Any more? This is what I say to those voices.

I’ll live like a Narnian, even if there is no Narnia.

So many things! this world is full of awesome things that have only been around for like ten years.
    Too little time unless I’m spending it watching TV, playing video games, sleeping in … oh never mind.

What would have happened if whoever invented ice cream had decided to just forget about it.
    No one needs this but then again no one really needs kittens either.

Someone else could do this better and they will love being on my team
    This has probably already been done so why not use what exists to build something even better

This doesn’t matter … yet
    “I don’t matter” is that obviously fake  answer put there purely to distract you

Why bother with things I haven’t tried yet?  That’s like, the whole concept of earwax jelly beans.
    Why waste my time on the concept of wasting time?  Maybe I would have more time if I didn’t worry so much about wasting it

Maybe I’ll regret doing this but what could be worse than never trying in the first place.  Seriously now.
    I have other things to do than think of all the ways I could avoid doing anything

I’ll never finish the race I don’t run.
    This will not end well said no sky diver ever.

“I’m not good enough” never stopped a child from being born, or those freaky people on Fear Factor.
    Today is in fact the day.  It says so right there in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

go get out of here.  you got this :)


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