This post is intended to help confused people. However, I vigorously condemn the willful rejection of evidence and its objective consideration.

If that is the case for you, then STOP right now and listen. You are harboring evil.

I highly recommend this article to aid in exposing that psychological demon.

There is a difference between Trump the person and Trump the brand. I use the word “brand” by the way not referring to things for sale but for the movement behind Trump, ideas like “Make America Great Again.” Trump the brand is a construct built largely by Steve Bannon and leveraged by the person Trump. Trump the brand stands for things like anti-establishment, fighting corruption, standing up for what you believe, being strong on defense, reducing the size of government, and a bunch of other conservative Republican values. These are not bad things, and Trump the brand has gotten a lot of traction because they are counter to Obama’s policies which went far in the other direction.

The problem is that Trump the person is in no way the same as and does not equal Trump the brand. Trump the person has many character flaws, but these are incidental to the underlying problem that Trump is a sloppy politician. Trump the person doesn’t work towards the best interests of anyone who supports him, and he most certainly works against those who do not support him.

The first bit makes it difficult for the guy on the street and those who attempt to speak for him. He has ruined the careers of everyone who tried to help him. Every time they try to, he contradicts what they said. The second bit meanwhile is HUGE for the leader of a representative democracy that should work for both minorities and the majority.

You might say, well so he isn’t your typical politician. But realize that the President is in fact a politician who has to do politics. Unifying people with different interests and motivating people to work together to support you is a skill politics *requires.*

Trump supporters, you are personally suffering consequences that everyone who supports Trump the person has faced and is facing. That’s not the fault of anyone other than Donald J. Trump himself.


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