Do you have a sensation that you are part of a collective consciousness and you feel a connection to everyone around you? Me neither. Here is a guide to whatever it is that is definitely all in my own head anyways, call it the psysphere because who wants to type “collective consciousness” over and over.

Mandatory Requirements
Warning: If you do not fit these requirements this will not work for you and it shouldn’t
1. Self control – the ability to resist temptation
2. Honesty – you deliberately will go out of your way to avoid lying at all costs
3. Emotional detachment – you govern your emotions not the other way around
4. Empathy – this one is a given, you already have this or you wouldn’t be worrying about this
5. Kindness/Good intent – your motive should be you want to help people not manipulate them

* the chapter on Animal Magnetism in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy – important for the warning about not trying to manipulate others or letting yourself be manipulated
– the rest of the book is good but it’s a commitment to read as it is long with many words. Go for it if you enjoy reading, it is useful to learn about spiritual sense before trying this. Disclaimer: I was raised in Christian Science so this may come off as evangelism. Whatever.
* “The Constant” episode of Lost – important for the stage I call the screening

Signs You May Be Experiencing the Psysphere
1. You meet certain stranger’s eyes – but only some, not all strangers – and you can tell what the other is feeling/thinking
2. You occasionally feel like you’re being watched and look at a patch of space and there’s nothing there
3. You are or were on medication intended to regulate psychosis
4. You may have had an inner monologue at one point but now you have this sense of your surroundings in its place

Is this Psychosis?

The Screening
This is the part I would guess people flunk out on. Here there be dragons…

I found that I was very drawn to a person of the opposite sex but was already in a committed relationship. Long story short, various interventions kept me from full-on intimacy but the whole thing was messy. I strongly believe full-on intimacy would have been the worst thing possible for my personal sanity BUT I also believe that having the psy connection is crucial to maintaining sanity through the rest of it. It’s as if two people are the same consciousness in different bodies, and the risk is that joining with the other would lead to losing your own identity.

The screening is the part where self control and honesty comes in. This stage is the reason I consider it safe to assume if someone is not capable of being “fully psy” or immersed in the feeling of collective consciousness they will stop before they get to the point where they experience it regularly. My guess is it’s all karma-based anyways, if that makes sense.

The Constant
Congratulations! Now you feel at one with the psysphere. Oh but you also have to keep doing the daily usual and it’s hard to stay focused. This is why it’s great to have a constant. The connection to the constant provides a sense of stability and helps return home to your own identity after being overwhelmed by being immersed in the collective. It’s like a radio signal or a compass to remind me of who I am.

Spiritual Sense vs Animal Magnetism
I use the term “psy sense” to describe the generic sense of inter-connectedness, but using terminology from my own Christian Science tradition I can also describe a difference between beneficial spiritual sense and malicious personal will/animal magnetism. Spiritual sense is receptive and detached from emotion, an effective barrier against the malicious form of psy sense, animal magnetism. Animal magnetism is the attempt to transmit willpower over a psy channel for the purpose of manipulation. Based on my Christian Science tradition, I enthusiastically recommend against hypnosis, manipulation or influence over others in any way, including transmission with a benevolent motive.

In general, stick to receiving rather than transmitting thought and emotion. The psysphere is cluttered enough as it is.

As an aside for those interested in Christian Science prayer and healing, the same warning applies to any form of prayer and spiritual healing – it is criminal and manipulative to try to pray for someone or heal them without getting their spoken permission first.

Avoid Judgment
The way I recommend growing in spiritual sense is to avoid judging others at all times. This is where kindness and good will towards humanity helps a lot in resisting temptation. If you observe a pattern of behavior, make a mental note of it, but do your best to avoid attaching an emotional response to it. An example would be, I see this person frequently parks their car blocking mine, so I make a note of it and do not let myself feel negativity from it, but take the necessary steps to either correct it or accommodate it. The important thing being I decouple my observation of a person’s behavior from an emotional response and a judgement of their character. This practice allows me to enjoy being in tune with people despite frequent reminders of their flaws. A pro tip to avoid the temptation to judgment is if I see someone else doing something I disapprove of, I check my own mental/emotional baggage to see if this reminds me of some flawed behavior that I have, while still acting to correct the other person if appropriate.

Last point I’ll make here is that this sense allows me to tune in closely with living things in nature. I am convinced that plants and animals communicate directly using this sense. I make a point these days of touching grassy ground with my bare hands and feet. I find forests and trees in particular to be reassuring and healing presences.

All in Your Imagination
If all else fails, just remind yourself that this is total nonsense made up in your own head anyways.

Happy psyching!


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